Tool shops are located at Czech republic and more than half of production is exported to foreign markets - mainly Germany, Slovakia, Austria, USA, Great Britain, Poland,... In addition, large part of domestic customer base is comprised of foreign-owned factories.

We have a professional design and production team, they efficient use of advanced software, such as SOLIDWORKS, CAD, SOLIDCAM, SURFCAM, KOVOPROG, D-CAMCUT Pro, etc.

We use high quality steel materials from European manufacturers. Over the past few years, with exquisite technology, high efficiency, strict quality control, reasonable price and fast delivery, we enjoy good reputation from old and new clients.

Our commitment is to deliver quality products and service oriented value to your shop floor we strive to be our customers first choice for:

- Fixtures,

- Precision machined parts,

- Single-purpose assemblies,

- Machine accessories

- Gauges

- Precision measuring tools

- Special cutting tools,

- Injection molding,

- Stamping & deep drawing tools,

- Fineblanking tools,

- etc.


In addition, we are able to establish an ongoing supply chain solution that improves the use, performance, and procurement efforts for perishable tooling and parts. We  collaborate with your procurement, manufacturing, and engineering teams to define an optimal set of parts, processes, and schedules. We maintain an inventory of semi-finished parts for a known, reduced delivery time and consistent quality.

We treat every part like it’s our business card.










Production of parts on FEINTOOL presses represents an advanced and perspective technology with a long-term development tendency. The source of growth is especially the substitution of conventional chip machining, when the fine blanking technology allows to increase the production productivity and concurrently to reduce costs significantly. 

Fine blanking / forming technology allows the serial production of precise components without slightly or fully cut blanking areas and without an additional machining. The technology enables to produce components at integration of forming and blanking operations to one working process. 3-forces principle in tools and stamping press, used at fine blanking and at combined fine blanking and forming, guarantees very high accuracy of dimension, flatness and shape. 


- GKP F250

- MFA 1600 A

- XFT 250 Speed



Production of complicated and tolerantly exacting stamped components for the most demanding engineering applications. The products are typically used in electro-technical and car industry, further in aerospace, food industry and in telecommunications. Electrical contact components, connecting material, metal components of electrical instruments, stator and rotor sheets and hundreds of other applications are concerned. 


- Bruderer BSTA 500-95b

- Bruderer BSTA 41

- Bruderer BSTA 25

- Bruderer BSTA 50 HL



We offer a free capacity on conventional presses from 10tons till 250tons; capable to work with rolls up to 500mm and 1.5mm thickness.



We offer free capacity on our CNC Metal Spinning machine. 

- Leifeld Metal Spinning AG typ SC 310 




Vibrational and centrifugal deburring is used as an universal method for surface treatment of our parts. We can solve several different technological requests by using deburring procedure - such as burr removing, edge rounding, surface smoothing and polishing or cut sharpening. We offer also bending, packeting, straightening, passivation, painting etc. as other secondary services. Our company is able to cover heat treatment and surface treatment in cooperation with approved partners.























































We are partnering with a middle-size producer of high quality o-rings, special radial seals per customer request...

The rubber materials are sourced from the best European manufacturers and seals are in compliance with the requirements of DIN EN 3760. Per customer request we are able to ensure 100% QA check. 

Wide range of standard sizes from different materials (NBR, MVQ, FKM, HNBR or EPDM) on stock and available within 2-3 days.

More than 3000 different NBR and FKM o-rings available from stock.

Nearly 2000 different types of the original blue simmerring (many pressure proof or metal covered) are on stock.
Also many Freudenberg - MERKEL hydraulic seals are available from stock or in a few days.

The seals are distributed to customers over to 20 countries. Our main customers coming from automotive & truck industry, industrial market or aftermarket goods....


Elastic PTFE  Edge Oil Seals

The price of these oil seals is at most twice as much as those of conventional oil seals, and they are readily available from our stock with a maximum dealy of one or two days.  Packaging is available in rolls for industrial consumption or in attractive individual units.

PTFE (Polytetrafluorethylene) is a material with minimal friction coefficient and can only be used with great difficulty in the manufacturing of oil seals.
With a high tech process, the plasma technology, in part developed by KTT,  the rubber edge of the oil seals that slides on the shaft is coated with an elastic, malleable PTFE coating.

PTFE coated rings, when compared with other conventional rings, are much better in a number of ways and increase the lifetime of the seals.

- Due to their low friction properties, these seals develops less heat and can be used in higher temperature environment.

- The low friction effect allows use with lower energy consumption.

- In the case of insufficient lubrication, they provide longer life and endurance.

- The PTFE coated rings transfer their protective coating to the shaft surface and develop a life-saving function in a case of the DIN EU 3760 regulation of 4 micron roughness is not met.

- There is noticeably less erosion of the shaft when it does not meet the required hardness of 45 to 55 HRC.